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Abrams Books

Be Our Guest!


DETAILS: Welcome to the Parker Palm Springs, where you’ll experience a delightful time away, filled with everything you’d expect from a sunny, California vacation. There’s tennis courts and a lemonade stand, a gorgeous pool, and a lawn...

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Common Grounds Dist.

Beautiful Bird


DETAILS: In this stunningly illustrated introduction to the world's most beautiful birds, Jean Roussen and Emmanuelle Walker pay homage to an alphabet of birds in all their feathery fancies. From Warblers to Blue-tits and Kakapos to Owls, Roussen's...

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Hachette Book Group

Birdie's Big-Girl Hair


It's time for Birdie's very first haircut, and the miniature fashionista yearns for more than just a simple trim. Should she choose an updo, a perm, or a ballerina bun She looks through pictures, books, lots of magazines - even Mommy's yearbook - to find...

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Colin Chameleon


DETAILS: Mottled mischief and reptile romps!  Colin Chameleon is such a charismatic critter! Soft as moss and jumbly-coloured, he's way too cool for just one shade. This kooky dude's got the biggest bobble eyes, a groovy crest and cool, detailed...

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Delphine Duck


DETAILS: The pop star of the pond! Delphine Duck is a carnival of quirk! This dafty duck likes to be different, with bluey-grey plumage sticking up in all directions! Her little wings are flappy-fab and her soft pebbly feet and beak are perfect for...

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Silk Road Bazaar

Dinosaur Felted Friend


DETAILS: Cute and cuddly, Felted Friends are made using both wet and dry felting techniques, resulting in these exquisitely designed stuffed animals made in Kyrgyzstan using locally-sourced wool all natural fibers. Measures 12 by 8 Silk Road Bazaar is...

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Drake Dragon Plush


DETAILS: A dashing, delightful dragon! Drake Dragon may look scruffly, but he's soft, not scaly, and loves to make friends! Minty and mossy, this baby dragon has big, big wings and a long, long tail. Bob him up and down in the air to make him flap,...

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