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Beautiful Briny Sea

Mexican Chocolate Sugar


Full disclosure: we have the Aztecs to thank for this one. Heady spices like cinnamon and allspice make this cacao-sprinkled sugar the perfect way to add a kick of sweet heat to coffee, French toast, mole, and even savory dishes like braised short ribs...

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Beautiful Briny Sea

Magic Unicorn Sprinkles


Unusual, Unique, Universal, Unmatched, Unforgettable Unicorns Unite!!!!  At long last we are please to present our own signature blend of sprinkles.  And who better to represent than our own Magic Unicorn. This 24oz (yes, that's a pound and a...

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Girls Can Tell Gift Co.

Holiday Pies Tea Towel


An assortment of classic holiday pies, drawn + screenprinted onto washable lint-free floursack cotton kitchen towels. These tea towels only get better as you wash them - perfect for drying dishes or just making your kitchen look awesome. They make a...

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