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Chronicle Books

Pimp My Noodles


DETAILS: When you want a feast in a flash, noodles are the obvious choice - quick, filling and utterly delicious. Pimp My Noodles shows you how, with just a few extra minutes and ingredients, you can elevate this cupboard staple to a level you never...

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Fishs Eddy

"Brunch is Gay" Mug


The "Brunch is Gay" Mug is part of our Pleasantries Collection. It measures 4.63" tall and 3.25" wide. A Fishs Eddy Exclusive, this mug is made of food-safe ceramic and is restaurant-quality! This mug is microwave safe and can hold 9 oz. of...

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9" Texas Plate Set


DETAILS: Set of four nine inch round Texas Dinner Plates. 100% Melamine faux paper plates with white background, six flags over Texas, Texas Star and fund western font. Brand: One Hundred 80 Degrees Made in: United States Fiber Content: 100%...

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